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Class Rules

Class Rules Set #1

  1. No interfering with the teaching and learning of others.
  2. Respect personal space, rights and property of others.
  3. Follow directions of all your teachers.
  4. Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete.

Class Rules Set #2

  1. Be respectful of yourself and others.
  2. Raise your hand before you speak during a classroom lesson.
  3. Listen quietly while others are speaking.
  4. Obey all school rules.

Class Rules Set #3

  1. Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times.
  2. Complete all assignments neatly and on time.
  3. Leave your seat only when necessary.
  4. Keep your hands to yourself.
  5. Be quiet in lines, hallways, and restrooms.
  6. Obey all school rules.

Class Rules Set #4

  1. Follow Directions
  2. Complete Work On Time
  3. Respect Fellow Classmates
  4. Raise Your Hand And Wait To Be Called On
  5. Stay On Task
  6. Respect Other People's Property
  7. Always Do Your Best
  8. No trowing batteries

  10. Consequences


    1st & 2nd Offence – Warning and verbal reminder to meet classroom expectation

    3rd Offence – Teacher-student conference; possible imposition of after school detention.

    4th Offence – Teacher and parent conference with the student present.

    5th Offence – Referral to Principal and you will be grounded for 2 weeks

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